All About this Website

Greetings and salutations!

I believe that God has asked me to do something.  This website that you are viewing is a part of what I believe God has asked me to do.

Why am I telling you this?

Good question.

I am telling you this because I need your help to do what I believe that God has asked me to do.  And, since I need your help to do what I believe that God has asked me to do, I need Him to ask you to help.

You see, no matter how convinced I am that you are supposed to help me, no matter how convinced I can make you that you are supposed to help me, if God has not asked you to help me, you would be doing it for the wrong reason.

Consider this website, and everything that I have to say, as similar to the blinking light on an answering machine.  (For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a recording device that we used to use before “voicemail” that had a little blinking light on it to let you know that you had a message… I am saying that my words and this website are like that blinking light alerting you to a message.)  If this is indeed something that God wants you to do (and I believe that it is), please, let it come from Him and not from me.  Check your voicemail, so to speak, and allow God to speak to you about what He wants you to do.

Okay, what is “this” “thing” and how can I help?

Glad you asked.

Right now, He is simply asking me to pray.  Not just pray privately as I have done for many years, but publicly.  Not just publicly in places where it is acceptable to pray publicly, but right here, on the internet, for everyone to see.

So, why do you need my help to do that?

Because, I believe, God wants many voices calling out to Him in this way.  It is one thing for one person to ask for something.  It is another thing entirely when millions of people begin asking for the same thing.  I believe that God is asking me to not only ask Him, publicly, but also to enlist the voice of many others in asking.  You are one of those “many others”.

Okay, I can “get” that, what are you (we) supposed to pray about?  What is the “something” that you (we) are supposed to ask for?

For the time being, that He would reveal Himself.  To me.  To you.  To the world.  Imagine, for a moment, a growing number of believers unified behind the simple, single purpose of daily imploring God to reveal Himself.  That is the vision I have and that is the vision I am running with.  And I am praying that God will put the same vision in your heart.

Alright, I get what you are saying, but because of (…..) I am not sure that this is something I can commit to right now.

That is perfect.  No really.  As I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to convince you to do this.  I don’t want anyone to convince you to do this.  I want God to convince you to do this.  And, once He does, I don’t want you to try to convince anyone to do this either.  Consider yourself invited.  That is all this is, an invitation.  It is up to God to ask you to be a part of this… not me.  Like I said, consider this invitation to be merely the blinking red light letting you know you have a message.

Well, I’ll try it, but I am not making any commitments.

While I have no desire to stop you from trying, I am also not interested in anyone “trying” this.  Either God is asking you to do this…. (that is – Pray. Daily. Publicly.) …or He is not.  If He is, step up to the plate and make a commitment.  (See this is why it is so important that God asks you to do this and not me!)  If He is not, then please, don’t waste your time trying to humor me by “trying” anything.  I promise, I will not be hurt or offended if you believe that this is not something God is asking you to do.  I am putting the responsibility for “heart changing” type stuff on Him.

This sounds like a really good thing, but how can I know whether or not He is asking me to do it?

Simple.  Ask Him.  Find a time and a place to just be quiet, (If you don’t already) and then simply ask.  Ask in your own way and listen in your own way.  I believe that if this is something God wants you to do, He will make it clear to you.

Alright, I am in.  I want to commit to asking God, daily and publicly to reveal Himself.  To me.  To us.  To the world.  How do I get started?

Excellent!  I am so excited to hear that!  First thing I would recommend is to leave a comment to that effect on this post.  That will give you good practice with leaving a comment, which will be the format that you use to create your daily, public prayer.  Something along the lines of, “I am committing to praying daily and publicly on this site” would be just fine.  You can also add any thoughts, encouragements, etc. that you feel would be relevant if you would like.  Then, every day, find the most recent “post” (which will also be a prayer) and leave your prayer, in the form of a comment.

What is a “comment” and how do I “leave one”?

A comment is, basically, a note – from you – that is published on this website.  At the bottom of every individual page of this site (not the pages that are a list of posts or pages… but the individual pages and posts themselves) is a box that says “Leave a reply”.  Go to the bottom of this page for an example.  All you have to do is type your note (or, on the daily pages, your prayer) and then fill in the two required boxes (Name and Mail – which is to say, “Email”), click the button that says, “Submit Comment” and you are all done.

A few quick notes about comments:

1.    Your name will be published with your comment – and the whole world can see this blog, so if you prefer anonymity, please choose your name carefully!
2.    Your E-mail address will be kept private.
3.    Your first comment will have to be “approved” (by me) all subsequent comments will be published immediately.  (This is not my design.)
4.    If you type a website into the third box (Labeled “website”) your name will appear as a link to that website.

I still have a question that wasn’t answered here.

Please feel free to either ask your question here, or email me at


6 Responses to “All About this Website”

  1. I will be putting your Blog as a link on my Blog… What a wonderful idea God has lead you to.

    I formed a Blogged Bible study based on God’s prompting.

    You praying like this, and asking for involvement is awesome.

    Peace Brother

  2. […] about page reads: About Here Am I Okay, what is “this” “thing” and how can I […]

  3. I am in by the way. I will make the commitment.

  4. ckroboth,

    Thank you. For your endorsement and your commitment.

    I will mention it here (primarily because I prefer to leave the ‘prayer’ posts to the exclusivity of prayer), in response to your comment on “Got God Gifts“:

    “Brother continue to open up to God, and let Him expose your heart in ways that will bring you to his knees in His Glory.”

    I find there is something powerful (not to mention commanded by God) in exhorting each other daily. Your words of encouragement (above) worked powerfully in a way that I can only assume was ‘of the Spirit’.

    I mention that for two reasons. First to express my personal appreciation for your obedience to God. And second to make mention (and by extension increase the accountability to take action) of another idea I am considering in response to Hebrews 3:13 (exhort one another daily).

    Again, thank you and welcome to Here Am I.


  5. i hate blogs. i think that they are prone to self-indulgent nonsense. that being said, i think this is beautiful. i have seen God do some miraculous things inside a framework much like this one. i very much appreciate the fact that you have no intention of getting more people involved for the sake of more people. i also admire that you are asking for a prayerful commitment. i am notorious for being a bad finisher, so i’ll honor your request and pray. as far as this site is concerned, i believe that God always honors a prayer that asks for more of Him and for less of us, and i’m excited to see how He decides to reveal Himself in light of these prayers.

    may every word be to the glory of God alone…

    jonathan shelton

  6. Jonathan,

    Thank you for the kind words and for making the decision to make your decision after prayer.
    I believe, as you do, “that God always honors a prayer that asks for more of Him and for less of us”… I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation…!
    glad to see you here and, as you said, “may every word be to the glory of God alone…”

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