Welcome to “Here am I”.  HAI for short.

Please make yourself at home, have a look around and ask lots of questions.  I am much better at explaining things when people ask questions.  So, while I have tried my best to explain what is going on here, (see the links below) I am sure that I could do a much better job if some people start asking some questions.

With that in mind, give yourself a quick tour (or don’t… ) and then fire away.  If you don’t have any questions and just have the itch to leave a comment here, you can simply go ahead and tell me what an excellent job of explaining things I have done.  I promise that I will try not to get a big head from it!  But seriously, make my job easier for me by letting me know what you are confused about or just leave some constructive criticism… I can handle that too!

Okay, here are the links I promised you.

1. God Revealed – Start here.  This is “it in a nutshell”.  Not very detailed, but simple, direct and to the point.
2. All about this website – This page explains, more or less, everything.
3. Some Simple Instructions – Some overlap from the previous page, but with more specific details.
4. Daily Prayers – The heartbeat of this site.  I look forward to seeing your prayers here!

And then, of course, don’t forget to come back here and ask a question – or two.  This site needs you.  I hope that you will become a part.

Sincerest thanks,

Jonathan Biron

10 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Hi Jon

    Great site good luck


    Aunt Kay Kemeny

  2. Thanks!



  4. Thank you SAL

  5. Ok, it wiped out what I replied. Have to try and remember – I was surprised when your mom sent me this link and really didn’t have any idea on what type of website you would start. This looks like a great way to keep in touch with relatives, friends. What a great way to reach out and minister to people!
    Best of luck,
    Aunt Diane

  6. Thank you!

  7. i hate blogs. i think that they are prone to self-indulgent nonsense. that being said, i think this is beautiful. i have seen God do some miraculous things inside a framework much like this one. i very much appreciate the fact that you have no intention of getting more people involved for the sake of more people. i also admire that you are asking for a prayerful commitment. i am notorious for being a bad finisher, so i’ll honor your request and pray. as far as this site is concerned, i believe that God always honors a prayer that asks for more of Him and for less of us, and i’m excited to see how He decides to reveal Himself in light of these prayers.

    may every word be to the glory of God alone…

    jonathan shelton

  8. Jonathan,

    Thank you for the kind words and for making the decision to make your decision after prayer.
    I believe, as you do, “that God always honors a prayer that asks for more of Him and for less of us”… I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation…!
    glad to see you here and, as you said, “may every word be to the glory of God alone…”

  9. Hi Johnathan, I finally got to visit your site. I have been traveling etc. It looks wonderful. Good luck with everything. Aunt Elaine

  10. Thanks!

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