Why do I stop

(Disclaimer and Caution: The following is neither scientific nor directly scriptural please treat it as such)

Imagine if it was discovered that increased lung capacity could be achieved by holding ones breath underwater to the point of dying – with the obviously necessary resuscitation occurring immediately thereafter.

The tricky thing about this (particularly the dying part) is that it is difficult.  Especially as your lung capacity, and, by extension, the time commitment, increases.  True, the opportunities to explore underwater must be immense but by the time you reach, say, 30 minutes… or perhaps 2 hours, there would be little need to return to the practice of ‘increasing’ your lung capacity by means of dying.  And, after all (at least as I understand it) death is quite painful.

I believe that in many ways, God’s revelation to us is achieved similarly.  Because it is through our humility and brokenness before Him that we are granted access to Him, and because (as mentioned yesterday) encounters with His presence usually result in our ‘undoing’, it seems that it would be fair to say that “something” in us must “die” if we are to see God more clearly.  (It might also be pointed out that there is a paradox at work here, in that what is required for that “something” to “die” is coming into the presence of God… but perhaps that is better saved for another day)

Powerful Giver of Life and Rewarder of those who diligently seek You,

I know that I am prone to weakness.  Letting things in me die is difficult impossible without You.  So, while I know this will not shock You, I confess that I need You.  I am like a blind man.  Lead me into Your presence so that I can see.  Reveal Yourself.


Today I am reading: Psalm 149; I Corinthians 15, 16


~ by Jonathan Biron on November 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why do I stop”

  1. Father God…You know my prayer for today. The floor is yours, What do you want from me?

  2. 11/14/08
    I have been reading a book by Dr. Dan B. Allender. He has a section on repentance that I truly believe is Gods heart.
    Quoting from the Book:
    “Repentance is poorly understood and rarely enjoyed. It is not necessarily transforming for those who labor to simply do right. For that reason, we must clearly define what is and is not repentance. Repentance is an internal shift in our perceived source of life. It is recognizing that our self-protective means to avoiding hurt have not ushered us into real living (the reckless abandon to God that ultimately leads to a deep sense of wholeness and joy) or to purposeful, powerful relating.”

    Back to Me: Oh Lord, help me be willing to throw off all my self protective barriers I put up to guard myself against hurt. Help me to truly see You as You are, to trust Your heart toward me. To know that my only true source of life is You, not in my being good or doing right; but in having a really relationship with You, the giver of Life, the one who knows me so much better than I know my self.

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