Where persuasion comes from

Paul, continuing his instructions to the Galatians about walking in the Spirit in order to not fulfill the lust of the flesh (– note that he did not say that attempting to avoid the lust of the flesh would create a Spiritual walk – ), and asking them who it was that tried to convince them to “attempt to be justified by the law” which causes all who do so to “fall from grace” said:

“This persuasion does not come from Him who calls you.”

Powerful Persuader of Our Hearts,

Let our persuasion come from You.  Let us not be persuaded of anything by anyone other than You.  Let us not attempt to persuade anyone of anything other than that of which You have persuaded us.  And when we persuade others of the truths that You have persuaded us of, let it not be us that persuades their hearts, but You.  Reveal Yourself to us today, and let that revelation of You persuade us to walk in Your Spirit, sow to the Spirit and not grow weary while doing good.


Today I am reading: Job 31, 32; Galations 5,6


~ by Jonathan Biron on November 7, 2008.

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